This Week in Our Garden

DSC_0005 DSC_0006Greens. That about sums up what we’ve been pulling from the garden these days. Loads and loads of greens – kale mostly, but some chard and collards to go with. That, and a few self-seeded cosmos to brighten up the harvest, is what we’ve been bringing in-doors of late.

After reading this post, talking about closing up the garden for the year, I really got to thinking about the fact that many, many gardens are closing up shop about now. There may be bulbs tucked in for spring sprouting, but the majority of the garden, and the work that comes along with it, is over. Here, in San Diego, the thought of putting a garden to rest for the winter is somewhat of a foreign concept. At times, I think it may be nice – to get a new, fresh crack at it each Spring. To start with fresh rows, fresh seeds and a refreshed zest for getting to work in the garden. But, really, we are thankful for the 12 months of the year when something is coming into our kitchen from the garden. And, while we may be bringing greens in now, there definitely is a different hum to the kitchen come this time of year. The bustle of the summer garden, it is not. But a quiet, steady stream. Yes, that’s the Fall garden we love.

On another note, here are a few garden-related links that caught my eye this week:

Figs. We’ve been snacking on French Bordeaux and Corkys Honey Delight.

Ah, these mums are gorgeous, and I am hoping to add a few to our soil.

Yarn farming. Maybe one day.

Not directly garden related, but this book surely will be good. Anything by Edward Behr is worth a read in this house.





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